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Welcome to the photo blog for David and Janet Elmore. You can find pages full of photos from our trips with Vanessa (our van-based RV) and pages that are a record of events with lots of photos. Many of our travel photos are connected to a map at the bottom of our posts so you can see where we went and can look for photos at specific places.

Below is a list of recent posts.

David and Janet

Kouchibouguac Walks

Tue 13-Aug-2019 New Brunswick, Travel | 0 comments

Crazy weather here.  Yesterday was a bright sunny day, then while we were out for a walk, big gray clouds began to roll in.  While we were sitting out in the late afternoon, the wind...

Osprey Trail

Sun 11-Aug-2019 New Brunswick, Travel | 0 comments

Cote-a-Fabien campground, the location of the trailhead for the Osprey Trail, is less than a 1/2 mile from our campsite, but is on the other side of the Kouchibouguac River. But, because there is no nearby...

Kouchibouguac River Trail

Sat 10-Aug-2019 New Brunswick, Travel | 0 comments

Another rainy day in the morning, but by noon we decided we could get in a walk. The River Walk Trail follows the Kouchibouguac River for over ten miles. The trail had been recommended by a park worker David...

Rainy Kouchibouguac Day

Fri 9-Aug-2019 New Brunswick, Travel | 0 comments

It rained over night continuing into the early afternoon. Not a heavy rain unfortunately as it is very dry here. In any place where there is grass it is brown straw. When things cleared up a bit we drove to...

Hopewell Rocks

Wed 7-Aug-2019 New Brunswick, Travel | 0 comments

Today we walked nearly 3-miles along one of the most well-known beaches in New Brunswick – Hopewell Rocks along the Shepody Bay. The high tides that push into this bay from the Bay of Fundy have eroded...

Cape Enrage

Tue 6-Aug-2019 New Brunswick, Travel | 0 comments

We drove about 12 miles northeast along the coast to Cape Enrage. The NB brochure we have suggested it as one of the better beaches to visit. The drive is along a winding, rough road with many steep inclines....

Alma NB

Mon 5-Aug-2019 New Brunswick, Travel | 0 comments

Walked down to Alma today. It’s an easy trip as there is a long steep staircase from the campground to the road that leads into Alma. We enjoyed walking the beach and watching the tide come in. It...

Matthews Head Hike

Sun 4-Aug-2019 New Brunswick, Travel | 0 comments

We had to change campgrounds today — had to be out of one by 11:00, couldn’t check into the other until 2:00 — so we decided to hike the nearly three mile loop to Matthews Head.  This hike had been...