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Welcome to the photo blog for David and Janet Elmore. You can find pages full of photos from our trips with Vanessa or Savanna (our van-based RV) and pages that are a record of events with lots of photos. Many of our travel photos are connected to a map at the bottom of our posts so you can see where we went and can look for photos at specific places.

Below is a list of recent posts.

David and Janet

Haystack Reservoir

Mon 7-Jun-2021 Oregon, Travel | 0 comments

After restocking at Fred Meyer and Costco, we drove north through Redmond. Our destination was a dispersed campsite on a hill overlooking the Haystack Reservoir. Unfortunately the site was already occupied....

Benham Falls

Sun 6-Jun-2021 Oregon, Travel | 0 comments

After a late breakfast and a short walk, we all headed home from Crane Prairie Reservoir. Amanda, David, and I took a quick detour to Benham Falls – a slight falls, almost rapids, but lots of flow, on...

Crane Prairie Camping

Wed 2-Jun-2021 Oregon, Travel | 0 comments

Right after breakfast we moved to our new site. Good that we did it early, as not 15 minutes after our move, a camper pulling a trailer arrived, hoping to claim our site. He ended up in the site next to ours....

Crane Prairie Reservoir

Tue 1-Jun-2021 Oregon, Travel | 0 comments

After breakfast we drove to Lava Lake to see the shoreline, then drove to the Lucky Lake trailhead. We enjoyed an easy, but warm, hike to the lake. The views of Mt Bachelor and the Sisters were stunning....

Cascade Lakes

Mon 31-May-2021 Oregon, Travel | 0 comments

Amanda had Memorial Day off so she went with us out west from Bend on the Cascade Lakes highway. Amanda was driving her RAV-4 and we our van until we arrived at Little Lava Lake where we found an open...

Desert camping

Sat 29-May-2021 Oregon, Travel | 0 comments

For the Memorial Day weekend we planned to camp with Amanda and Brian’s friends Kate and Dylan at a secluded spot on the Silver Lake Reservoir. Unfortunately when we arrived on Friday afternoon the spot was...

Lovely lava

Wed 26-May-2021 Oregon, Travel | 0 comments

We headed south from Bend in the morning.  After a few housekeeping chores we headed  to the Newberry National Volcanic Monument.  Here we can see the flows and cinders from volcanic eruptions from 12000 to...

Bend Oregon

Mon 24-May-2021 Oregon, Travel | 0 comments

Route 20 to Bend is a 65-mph road through desert and mountains which took us directly to Bend. Along much of the road there are no homes or services. At one point we were warned that there was no gas for 130...

Owyhee River Valley

Sun 23-May-2021 Oregon, Travel | 0 comments

From Willard Bay we headed north into Idaho. Most of the terrain was desert-like but some valleys contained rivers where there was a surprising amount of agriculture — mostly hay and grain for the...