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Sun 25-Feb-2018 California, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Salton Sea Visitors Center

Salton Sea Visitors Center

As part of our daily walk, we went to the Salton Sea Visitors’ Center. They have a very informative display about the history and future of the sea as well as a 8 minute film about same.

The sea is fast disappearing as, because of improved usage, there is little agricultural run-off. Annual evaporation and seepage far exceed the input. The lake is dropping at a rate of about 6 feet per year, a fact exemplified by the ‘floating docks’ around the boat launch area which now sit on dry land. At this point there is no place on the sea to launch a power boat— just kayaks and canoes. It is predicted that, unless something changes, the sea will be dry in 70 years. The problem with that is that the dry seabed will feed dust storms that will be hazardous to individuals living within several hundred miles — think Eastern LA.

After the visitors center we walked across Route 111 and the railroad to wander on the hills to the east. It is very dry desert, but with a lovely view back to the sea.

After returning to the van to watch the Purdue Seniors win a record breaking 62nd home game and 100th win, we sent the drone up for a look around.

Tomorrow we plan to shop and do laundry, then head north and east.



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