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Sat 16-Jun-2018 Travel, Wisconsin | 0 comments | Map

Perkinstown Winter Sport Area

Perkinstown Winter Sport Area

Having exhausted the trails within walking distance of our campsite, we drove out in search of some David had located using All Trails. The hunt took us through beautiful maple and pine forests with lots of wildflowers and a few deer on the side of the road.

The trails we were interested in where either very boggy from the recent rain or very over grown from little use. We stopped at the Kathryn Lake picnic and camping area for lunch. A nice little lake with a number of private homes as well as an 8-site campground (closed since 2016) on the shore.

After lunch we drove on to the Perkinstown Winter Sport Area which has a tubing slide and snowshoe, ski, snowmobile, and ATV trails. The largest snowshoe race in Wisconsin is held here in January. Although they were a little weedy, we enjoyed walking on the trails and did see one group of 5 ATV riders on their trail. The large parking area on the top of the hill would indicate that this area is well-used in the winter.

We returned home in the rain. We either sat inside or out for the rest of the day depending upon the intermittent rain.



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