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Sat 9-Jun-2018 Illinois, Iowa, Travel | | Map

Davenport IA

Davenport IA

We awoke to a strong, noisy thunderstorm. After taking care of housekeeping, we drove to Davenport IA to see the Book of Mormon at the Adler Theatre. The theater, located about three blocks from the Mississippi, is a beautiful Art Deco venue with great acoustics. The touring company was great and definitely worth the trip.

We were impressed with the old downtown area along the Mississippi. Lots of renovated buildings with local businesses and more renovations in progress.

After the show, a matinee, we headed north along the Mississippi ending up in Mississippi Palisades State Park. We easily found a site (#213) to settle for the night. Very quiet and private, but buggy after recent rain. In this valley, surrounded by high cliffs, we have no ATT cell phone service.

Overnight was a VERY loud thunderstorm with nearby lightening strikes. This area has had two 3-inch rains in the past two days and more is coming.