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Fri 4-Aug-2023 Illinois, Indiana, Travel |

After leaving Kickapoo we began to smell smoke and stopped when we realized we had a fire under our bed. Fortunately we had an extinguisher so that David was able to... more

Kickapoo SRA

Thu 3-Aug-2023 Illinois, Iowa, Travel |

We almost finished our drive home today, but stopped in the Kickapoo SRA. That way we would not be arriving home late. We have stayed here before on our last night... more


Fri 10-Mar-2023 Illinois, Indiana, Travel |

The last 3 hours of our trip were once again under gray skies with misting rain. We arrived home to find all well – cats very happy to see us. It took us about 2... more

On the road again

Wed 18-Jan-2023 Illinois, Travel |

After emptying spa and feeding cats and llamas, we locked up and headed south with a stop at the Hearing Center for an update to David’s hearing aids. Soon after... more

Lake Wissota SP

Sun 10-Jun-2018 Illinois, Travel, Wisconsin |

As it was raining, we drove north to try to get above the lines of storms sweeping in from the west and to find cooler, less humid weather. By the time we reached Lake... more

Davenport IA

Sat 9-Jun-2018 Illinois, Iowa, Travel |

We awoke to a strong, noisy thunderstorm. After taking care of housekeeping, we drove to Davenport IA to see the Book of Mormon at the Adler Theatre. The theater,... more

Moraine View SRA

Fri 8-Jun-2018 Illinois, Travel |

Still hot, but better. In the morning we took a walk around the nature trail and to the beach. There are not many trails within walking distance of the campground, but... more