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Twelve Mile Well

Fri 16-Feb-2018 Arizona, Travel | 0 comments

We walked a bit out in the desert today. We wanted to check out Twelve Mile Well. The facility consists of an old windmill, probably not used any longer; a solar panel;... more

Yuma, AZ

Sun 11-Feb-2018 Arizona, Travel | 0 comments

The drive from Tucson to Yuma is about 4-hours through mostly barren desert as the Saguaros started to dwindle. From time to time there are interesting mountain ranges... more

AZ to NM

Thu 9-Mar-2017 Arizona, New Mexico, Travel | 0 comments

We left Catalina State Park in Arizona today and headed east to New Mexico. This is the beginning of our drive east and north heading towards Indiana. There is not much... more