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Dempster Highway

Mon 21-Jul-2014 Alaska, Travel | 0 comments

Finally we had a beautiful sunny day – blue skies with white puffy clouds. We have had so few of these on this trip and none recently. We headed north on the Dempster... more

Dawson City II

Sun 20-Jul-2014 Alaska, Travel | 0 comments

We allowed the weather to change our plans for today. It had rained overnight and continued on into the day, so we decided to hang around Dawson City rather than tackle... more

Dawson City I

Sat 19-Jul-2014 Alaska, Travel | 0 comments

We started our morning with a mile or so hike up one of the tundra-covered hills nearby. The tundra was even softer and squishier than that we had walked on in Denali... more

Top of the World

Fri 18-Jul-2014 Alaska, Travel | 0 comments

Our route took us down the Richardson and Alaska Highways to Tok, up the Taylor Highway to Chicken, then we joined the Top of the World Highway at the Eagle turnoff.... more

North Pole

Thu 17-Jul-2014 Alaska, Travel | 0 comments

After getting approval from Sprinter, the Trailercraft technician started to check every connection in the van. After three hours the service manager came out and said... more

Trailercraft II

Wed 16-Jul-2014 Alaska, Travel | 0 comments

Today we learned that Trailercraft cannot get to our vehicle because the computer they use for diagnosis was sent to Anchorage and will not be back until afternoon. So... more

Trailercraft I

Tue 15-Jul-2014 Alaska, Travel | 0 comments

It’s still raining.  We did a bit of shopping and had a delightful conversation with Claude, a Sportsmobile forum enthusiast from Switzerland.  He has a... more

Fairbanks III

Mon 14-Jul-2014 Alaska, Travel | 0 comments

Another day of heavy rain and the resulting mud. For a place that is supposed to be a near-desert, this one sure is getting a lot of rain. Again there was little to see... more

Dalton Highway III

Sun 13-Jul-2014 Alaska, Travel | 0 comments

We headed south under light rain that turned often to heavy rain. At times we were lucky to see sun and even a rainbow, but mostly it was rain and more rain. The good... more

Dalton Highway II

Sat 12-Jul-2014 Alaska, Travel | 0 comments

After a long night of worrying, Janet decided that she and Vanessa were not going to make it to the Arctic Ocean. It was still pouring rain so there was nothing for her... more