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Fri 3-Mar-2017 Nevada, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Lake Mead

Lake Mead

We packed up in Death Valley and headed out the Daylight Pass Road between the Grapevine and Funeral Mountains. The ride to Las Vegas is through pretty uninteresting territory, but great mountain views.

In Las Vegas we stopped for lunch at a Krazy Buffet (surprisingly good Asian food) and made a quick shopping trip.

After leaving Las Vegas, even though it was early, we decided to stop at Lake Mead Recreational Area for the night. We found a site at the Boulder Beach Primitive campground with a view of the lake — and later, after dark, a view of the planes approaching Las Vegas airport. It is amazing to think that this place is only nine miles from busy Las Vegas.  It seems so rural and peaceful.

The lake is beautiful, but low because of drought and high demand from Las Vegas.