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Thu 2-Mar-2017 California, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Mosaic Canyon

Mosaic Canyon

After leaving our campsite at Mesquite Springs we drive the 50 miles south to Furnace Creek to get fuel and milk, then headed back to Stovepipe Wells where we planned to spend the night. This campground is just a large gravel lot with no amenities, but does have a dump and fresh water, but it is right across from the road to Mosaic Canyon and next to the Mesquite Dunes.

The road to Mosaic Canyon is a 2.6 mile dirt and gravel road which is “rough, but passable.” it is probably the worst road we have transverse in this park. Aside from the washboard, there are deep ruts from time to time — evidence that others have used the road when it was very muddy. However, the 2.8 mile walk into and out of the canyon was worth the trip. This canyon is fabulous. It is very narrow and has a lot of rain passing through in major storms. The runoff carries a great deal of rocks down the canyon which scowers the walls of the canyon leaving them remarkably smooth. The breccia, a composite rock, is rubbed smooth and does look like a mosaic. The dolomite looks like polished marble. It is amazing how different this Canyon is from others we have visited.

After leaving Mosaic Canyon, we drove the short difference to the Mesquite Dunes and enjoyed a mile or so walk through these dunes as sunset neared.