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Welcome to the photo blog for David and Janet Elmore. You can find pages full of photos from our trips with Vanessa (our van-based RV) and pages that are a record of events with lots of photos. Many of our travel photos are connected to a map at the bottom of our posts so you can see where we went and can look for photos at specific places.

Below is a list of recent posts.

David and Janet

Island on Sand Lake

Mon 17-Jun-2019 Ontario | 0 comments

On Saturday we headed to the Elmore family island in Ontario Canada where we had not visited since 2003.  Such a good time.  so much the same, so much different. We stayed in our van on shore behind...

Rochester reunion

Sat 15-Jun-2019 New York | 0 comments

In Rochester we had a wonderful visit with Lucy and Jake Shealy and Udo Fehn and wife Christine Long.  While there Lucy and Jake hosted a lively dinner with more old friends: Jack and Pat Kita, Ginny Gray,...

Rochester memories

Fri 14-Jun-2019 New York, Travel | 0 comments

We visited Rochester for two days taking a few minutes to visit our old haunts — we had lived there from 1968 until 1989. David took pictures of our houses on Pickford Drive and Danforth Crescent, as...

Peter and Sabine visit West Lafayette

Sat 8-Jun-2019 Events | 0 comments

We had a wonderful three days visiting with our friends from Switzerland. They had just finished three weeks of hiking and sightseeing in Utah, but managed to stop to see us on their way home. We had not seen...

Peggie and Sue visit West Lafayette

Fri 7-Jun-2019 Events | 0 comments

Cousins Peggy and Sue came for a week visit. What a great time. Besides overeating, we also enjoyed a trip to a resale shop where Peggy found some lovely clothes at a reasonable price as well as a day trip to...

Andrew family in Annapolis

Fri 15-Mar-2019 Maryland, Travel | 0 comments

Finally made a trip to visit Andrew and family in their new house in Annapolis MD. We had wanted to go sooner (they had been living there since November), but the weather was not cooperating. Their house is a...

Teske visit

Thu 14-Mar-2019 Travel, Virginia | 0 comments

Since we were heading to Annapolis to see Andrew and Family, we managed to visit our old Rochester neighbors, Norrie and Marty, who now live in Williamsburg VA in a charming area. Besides catching up with...

Colonial Williamsburg

Wed 13-Mar-2019 Events | 0 comments

Janet had never seen Colonial Williamsburg before and it had been years before for David. We spent the better part of a day walking the streets and touring some of the buildings. Loved the visit. Although...

Fresh rock

Tue 26-Feb-2019 Events | 0 comments

After a freezing night we had two loads of rock spread on our road to the old barn at about 2 inches deep. Then I used the blade on the tractor to smooth it out and move some to the middle so water drained...

Claire and Ollie’s Wedding

Sat 1-Sep-2018 Browne Wedding, Events | 0 comments

We spent the weekend in Lexington attending our friends Claire and Ollie’s wedding. Didn’t get to see much of Lexington as it rained for a good deal of Saturday.  Fortunately, the rain ceased with plenty of...