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Welcome to the photo blog for David and Janet Elmore. You can find pages full of photos from our trips with Vanessa (our van-based RV) and pages that are a record of events with lots of photos. Many of our travel photos are connected to a map at the bottom of our posts so you can see where we went and can look for photos at specific places.

Below is a list of recent posts.

David and Janet

Guadalupe River SP

Fri 22-Jun-2018 Texas, Travel | 0 comments

A short 50-mile drive took us from Lake Calaveras to the Guadalupe River State Park north of San Antonio. iphone 8 plus silicone case snugg We made one stop to give Vanessa a much needed bath. iphone 7...

Salton Sea SRA

Fri 22-Jun-2018 California, Travel | 0 comments

We left our site in the Box Canyon BLM area and headed west down the canyon. A few miles from our dry arid campsite we crossed the Choachella Canal; on the other side was a green expanse of grapes, lettuce,...

Another Wander Through Canyons

Thu 21-Jun-2018 California, Travel | 0 comments

We tried to replicate yesterday’s walk up through a canyon to an overlook, but kept running into dead ends. thin phone case iphone 8 So we would back track and move along to another canyon. iphone 7 plus...

Calaveras Lake Park

Wed 20-Jun-2018 Texas, Travel | 0 comments

Saturday, January 20 Drove to the east side of San Antonio where we found a campground on the side of a man-made Lake. iphone 7 case gold The lake is a depository for treated sewer water used by a power plant...

Beautiful Canyon Hike

Wed 20-Jun-2018 California, Travel | 0 comments

When we step out of the van, there are two canyons stretching off into the hills. We headed up one, determined to walk as far as we were able. kylie jenner iphone 8 case The area here is lightly used, but too...

Katy TX

Tue 19-Jun-2018 Louisiana, Texas, Travel | 0 comments

The interstate reopened. union jack iphone 6 plus case Heading west! Drizzle and fog, iphone 8 case green but moving well until Houston when we had a downpour and terrible traffic. iphone 6 case matte black...

Box Canyon Road

Tue 19-Jun-2018 Arizona, California, Travel | 0 comments

We pulled up stakes in the KOFA wilderness and headed to the town of Quartzite for some much needed housekeeping and then on to Blythe CA to shop for groceries — the closest full-service grocery. On a...

Doering Natural Area

Tue 19-Jun-2018 Travel, Wisconsin | 0 comments

Most of the trails within walking distance of our site are ATV trails — basically narrow roads. So this morning we took a short drive to the Doering Natural Area where there are ski trails which are great...

Sailor Lake NF Campground

Mon 18-Jun-2018 Travel, Wisconsin | 0 comments

We headed west on WI-70 looking for a National or State forest campground with ATT service. We settled on the Sailor Lake CG. We have a large, private site with a view of the lake, a picnic table, and a fire...

Waiting in Covington LA

Mon 18-Jun-2018 Louisiana, Travel | 0 comments

Wednesday, January 17 Interstate still closed, so we read and walked in Walmart. iphone 6 case thin blue Entertainment of the day was watching cars drive toward the front of the store and try to negotiate a...