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Fri 12-Aug-2022 Ontario, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Cleaning the sleeping cabin

Cleaning the sleeping cabin

In 1972 David and I built a small (16×20) cabin in the woods on the little island next to Major Island. It’s just a bedroom in the woods with a sleeping loft — no running water and a gas light working off one small propane tank.

Prior to our 1989 move from Rochester NY to West Lafayette, we used to spend many weekends in the cabin. Some of our favorite trips were in the early spring and fall after the main island had been closed for the winter. We used an aluminum canoe with a 10-horse motor on the back to get across the lake.

However, we have probably not stayed in the cabin since 1990. Others have, but not often. As a result, it has suffered. Page suggested that Nora and Jeremie might like to stay there so David, Amanda, and I spent a few hours clearing out trash, spider and mouse droppings, and dust. Nora’s goats who were staying on the island kept us company– they are amazingly curious creatures walking into the cabin to check out our progress. When finished the building was clean enough that I would stay in it. The next project will be to scrape and paint the outside and replace a piece of glass that is broken in one of the windows. A fresh propane tank and some mantles for the gas light are needed and a new pipe needs to be carried out to the shore for washing water. Drinking water will have to be carried over from tte main island.



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