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Wed 24-Jan-2018 Texas, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Bauer Unit Trails

Bauer Unit Trails

Guadalupe River State Park has two sections: The main section where we are camping and hiked yesterday and the Bauer Unit which is north of the river. The latter is largely undeveloped, but has some nice trails.

It took us nearly 1/2 hour to drive from our campsite around the park to enter the Bauer Unit. The area is gated to keep out cattle and there is plenty of parking outside the gate. We chose the Bamberger trail, then took the Golden Cheeked Warbler trail toward the river which connected with the Blue Stem Grass loop. On the return we reversed our route until we reached the Y that took us to the Bauer trail and back to the trailhead. The walk was a pleasant 5 miles with a pleasant views of the oaks and juniper and overlooks of the river. Quite a few birds and a couple of armadillo were our wildlife spotting although there were lots of raccoon and deer footprints.

Hunting must be permitted in this part of the park at some time in the year. At the edge of the large grass fields there are blinds and in one we found an animal feeder filled with what looked like sorghum.