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Mon 17-Jun-2019 Ontario | 0 comments | Map

Island on Sand Lake

Island on Sand Lake

On Saturday we headed to the Elmore family island in Ontario Canada where we had not visited since 2003.  Such a good time.  so much the same, so much different.

We stayed in our van on shore behind Page’s friends’ house.  Perfect for us.  A short ride to the island, but sleeping in our own beds was great.

On the island we had two pizza dinners in the new outdoor oven and also cooked a leg of lamb, two chickens, and strip steaks —  not all on the same night.  David’s sister, Page, has developed some amazing pizza combinations.  The steaks took all of 6- minutes in the 500-degree oven since they cook on the top and bottom at the same time.

We helped clean the cabins, roofs, and gutters, burned lots of downed branches, water skied (the grandkids did), jumped off the rocks at picnic island (again the grand kids), and installed a new “zoomer” line between the islands.  A trip over to the small island revealed a need for some repairs and paint.  No one uses that cabin any longer so it seems a bit neglected.  

During our stay we met Nora’s friend Jeremy and were present when he asked her to marry him.  So it looks as if our next visit to the island will be next summer for a wedding.  



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