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Mon 5-Apr-2021 Indiana, Travel | 2 comments | Map

Savanna’s First Trip

Savanna’s First Trip

For Savanna’s first outing David and I drove south to the Deam Wilderness – part of the Hoosier National Forest. Savanna performed admirably, but all the bells and whistles will take a little getting used to.

We are camping in the Blackwell Horse Camp on Tower Road. There are a few other campers and horse owners camped in the spacious grassy meadow. It looks as if there may have been a lot of campers over the Easter weekend, but now just a few.

We walked about five miles along the Grub Ridge Trail. Lots of spring beauties, trout lily, and daffodils. I assume the daffodils are left from the homesteads that were here before the state acquired the land. I love the openness of the woods at this time of the year – long sight lines.

We are here for two more nights. Today the temperature is in the upper 70s. Hope the weather holds.