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Vanessa is our little home away from home. She was born January 17, 2013 when we picked her up from the custom van conversion company Sportsmobile in Huntington, Indiana.We named her Vanessa for “Van odyssey”. Our uncle Den, who named his yacht “Dovekie”, told us that seven letters and a repeated vowel bring good luck. I hope this works as well for us as it did for him. And I hope it works better than it did for the Titanic.

We describe all the details and lots of photos of Vanessa here.


  1. Great fotos, great trips, tons of inspiration!
    I find myself searching your posts and commentary regarding WiFI, Stereo, CB, etc. …
    We are planning out the interior/exterior considerations for our Sprinter 170, 4×4. It seems that we keep falling back to a vital comfort for us will be the comms, audio, navigation and lighting schemes. We’re more listeners than we are watchers, a TV is low on the plan right now.
    We want to load ourselves up on this end versus an extra cabinet here or a not positive we need it item there; as laymen relative to electronics/wiring and antennae we’re always seeking the clearest line towards having this side covered.
    How do we navigate these needs with SMB?

  2. SMB Indiana did not want to get involved with electronics other than core functions such as battery monitor, furnace control, etc. They did install my antennas that I provided to them since the wiring needed to go behind walls. I did all the rest, but you could find an auto stereo shop to do it for you.


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