Los Alamos Letters

My father William Cronk Elmore was a physicist working on the Manhattan project in Los Alamos, NM 1943-1946 where the war effort was making the first nuclear weapons. He developed electronics to monitor the bomb tests. Following the war he and Matthew Sands wrote the book "Electronics, Experimental Techniques", which became the bible for pre-transistor electronics.

I was born in Los Alamos (then only called Box 1663) on a cold day in December, 1945. My parents told me that the pipe bringing up water from the valley froze the night before I was born, so the doctor bathed me with a liter of distilled water that they had on the shelf. My mother, Barbara Page Elmore, when a few months pregnant climbed the hill above Los Alamos to view the first bomb test Trinity at Alamogordo, NM. My father watched from a bunker next to Robert Oppenheimer, 6 miles away from the test site.

My mother and father wrote letters during their stay in Los Alamos to my father's mother, sister, and others . We are very fortunate that these letters were saved. My sister Elizabeth typed my mother's letters since her handwriting takes a lot of learning to decipher. My wife Janet compiled all (both original handwritten and typed) into one PDF document.

The resulting PDF documents are large so we split into 3 parts. Click on the following to download then double click the downloaded PDF files to open in Acrobat reader:

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