My Bio

Current positions:
Emeritus Professor of Physics, Purdue University

Owner, Best Artist Creations LLC and

Current mailing address:
2201 N 600 W
West Lafayette, IN 47906

B.S. Physics, Case Institute of Technology (Cleveland, OH), 1968.
Ph.D. Physics, University of Rochester (Rochester, NY), 1974.

Employment History:
Research Associate, University of Rochester, 1974-1980.
Senior Research Associate, University of Rochester, 1980-1986.
Physicist, CER/BEM, Argonne National Laboratory, 1986-1988.
Senior Research Associate, University of Rochester, 1988-1989.
Associate Professor of Physics, Purdue University, 1989-1993.
Professor, Purdue University, 1993-2008.
Emeritus Professor, Purdue University, 2009-present.

Research Interests:
Accelerator mass spectrometry: development of methods for new isotopes, automation of isotope ratio measurements, ion source development, and new detector systems.  Cosmogenic radionuclides in natural samples.  Dating of rock exposure to cosmic rays using 36Cl, 26Al, and 10Be.  Biomedical applications.

Teaching accomplishments:
Lectured introductory calculus-based mechanics and calculus-based electricity and magnetism.  Introduced the McDermott tutorials to the mechanics course (1800 students per year).  Lectured algebra-based mechanics to technology students using peer instruction and just-in-time reading quizzes. Lectured modern physics to physics majors and engineers.

Llamas, Wilderness camping, Photography, Large format printing, Landscaping, Programming, Web site design, Shroud of Turin