Steps to frying a turkey

Since we do this only once or twice a year, I have made these detailed steps to help me remember.

  1. Print out and read all of this before starting
  2. Buy two or more 12-18 lb turkeys 2-5 days before cook
  3. Buy extra oil – always stock 35 lb new peanut oil from Sams Club
  4. Bring peanut oil to room temp 1 day before (so is liquid)
  5. Remove packaging from frozen turkeys 1.5-2.5 days in advance
  6. Place frozen turkeys into large plastic container
  7. Fill 2-quart container with hot tap water and add 3/16 to ¼ cup kosher salt
  8. Keep making more brine until turkeys are covered
  9. Optional: add ground up herbs: 6 garlic, 2 tbs Bells poltery seasoning, sage, more…
  10. Fill big pot about 1/2 full with oil (no more!), less for large >20lb turkey
  11. If oil doesn’t cover turkey, add a little more
  12. Set up burner in driveway at least 30 feet from house
  13. Heat on high to 375 deg F (about 30 min)
  14. Dry off turkey with towel, inside and out
  15. Place turkey on hook stand, legs up
  16. Tie legs to pope’s nose
  17. If temperature goes above 375, turn off and wait before starting turkey
  18. Place turkey in oil carefully (wear gloves and long sleeves)
  19. Put on lid with thermometer in hole
  20. Leave burner on high for a few minutes then turn down a little
  21. Check every 7 minutes – burner will be on low near the end
  22. Keep temperature between 350 and 375
  23. Cook 3.5 minutes per pound
  24. Take turkey inside holding above clean tray to catch drips
  25. Turn on side to remove hanging grate
  26. Remove over tray and let sit under foil for 30-60 minutes
  27. Start another turkey
  28. Enjoy!
  29. Return oil to original container when cools to 150 deg F 3 hours later
  30. Do not wait until morning or racoons will tip over
  31. Decant carefully and stop when see sediment
  32. Store oil in a cool place (best to freeze) garage in winter, basement in summer
  33. Put oil on list if needed