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Technical Aspects

With this category of posts I am reporting on programming this blog and other technical things going on in my life. I am writing these things so I will remember what I did and so others can benefit from my work. See the listing of posts below.

David Elmore

Wordpress Lucid theme 09-17-2014

For my first attempt at a Wordpress blog I used the theme Explorable by Elegant Themes. This showed a nice google map for each post, but was very slow and had very cumbersome navigation. Because all posts were “listings” and not &ldq...more

Nextgen Gallery use and changes 09-17-2014

Nextgen Galery is the most popular image gallery plugin for Wordpress and the pro version has a lot of nice features. It works pretty well now that many bugs following the upgrade to 2.0 were fixed by Photocrati. My posts use this shortcode: ...more

Nextgen Gallery Geo fixes 09-17-2014

When I changed to the Lucid theme, I wanted to place maps on the bottom of each post showing where the photos were taken. I looked over the available plugins and chose Nextgen Gallery Geo that had all the features I wanted. The only problem was that,...more

Best popcorn recipe 01-11-2015

Ingredients: 1/2 cup popcorn 1.5-2 tsp saturated brine 1/8 cup warm coconut oil (infused with garlic works well) Optional: Seasoning of choice (garlic, basil, rosemary, thyme, …) This recipe solves two problems with homemade popcorn. When yo...more

WiFi repeater 08-25-2015

When camping near to a hotspot, we like to avoid using our shared cellular data, especially when uploading lots of photos to this blog, upgrading software, or streaming video. And when in Canada we only use WiFi. The trouble is that the signal inside...more

Nuts 12-13-2017

Home-roasting raw or blanched nuts By roasting your own nuts you can adjust the time, temperature, and amount of salt to satisfy your own taste. You can make mixtures that contain the nuts you like best. You can buy raw nuts in bulk to save money....more

Table support in front of Sprinter 08-18-2018

In 2012 I built a table support for the front of our Mercedes Sprinter between the swivel seats that fits into the Sprinter storage slot below the heating controls.  It was built to support a table large enough to eat on and a smaller table...more